West Karoun Oil Production not Affected by Floods

Iran says recent devastating floods in the west and southwest haven’t stopped or reduced the country`s production in joint oilfields with Iraq.

“Recent floods have caused problems. but haven’t stopped or reduced production from joint oilfields with Iraq in West Karoun.“ Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) CEO Touraj Dehghani told IRNA on Saturday.

The official stressed that oil production from West Karoun oilfields is underway “with huge difficulty“. West Karoun oilfields are located in southwestern Khuzestan Province.

Dehghani highlighted that Hawizeh Marshes and Iraqi border regions have always been exposed to inundation. noting that “developing oil-related activities has been constantly continuing despite these hard conditions`.

The Development Co. (PEDEC)`&gt.PEDEC CEO mentioned that oil rigs continue production despite the floods and that necessary actions have been taken to resolve their problems. “So. there hasn’t been a complete halt in oil rigs.“ he added.

Five of Iran’s important oilfields. that is. South Azadegan. North Azadegan. Yadavaran. North Yadavaran and South Yadavaran. are located in the Hawizeh Marshes that straddle the Iran-Iraq border.

Dehghani mentioned that Iranian oil officials are taking precautionary measures in a bid not to allow more floods enter the oilfields. saying. `we have increased our control and monitoring of the situation`.

Iran’s production from the oilfields in West Karoun has risen to 350.000 barrels per day during the last two years. according to the official.

He stressed that none of the oil pipes in the region have been affected by the severe floods.

The deluge that has wreaked havoc in western Iranian provinces has reached Khuzestan Province. provoking evacuation of thousands of people from their homes as the two big rivers Karkhe and Dez have outburst their banks. inundating several populated regions.

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