Venezuela Rejects New U.S. Aggression against Oil Industry

The Venezuelan government rejected Saturday the new measures announced by the United States that threaten the oil industry and the economic sovereignty of the South American country.

Caracas considered unacceptable Washington`s decision to apply measures against vessels and transportation companies to affect oil shipments to Cuba. according to an official statement.

The United States intends to apply rulings that violate international law and the same economic and commercial principles it proudly defends. denounced the statement published by the Foreign Ministry.

`It is paradoxical that a country member of the World Trade Organization. which calls itself a defender of liberal principles. violates the most basic economic and commercial rights. trying to harm not only the people of Venezuela and Cuba. but also companies and commercial associations that should enjoy international legal protection`. it denounced.

With this action. Washington stands aside the most elementary legal principles to generate suffering in the region`s peoples. it also said.

No imperialist action will stop the cooperation between free and independent peoples. the document emphasized. while warning that Venezuela will respond through the corresponding legal channels.

On this day. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced measures against vessels from the South American country`s oil sector transporting crude oil to Cuba.

The United States this day will punish 34 vessels owned or operated by PDVSA. as well as two additional companies that transport Venezuelan crude oil to Cuba`. the US official posted on Twitter.

According to Pence. in this way Donald Trump`s administration takes action `against a key source of wealth` of Nicolas Maduro`s government. not recognized by Washington despite his 2018 electoral victory with more than 68 percent of the vote.

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