Iran to Continue to Reduce Its Commitment Until Its Demands Met

Seyyed Abbas Araghchi. the deputy minister of foreign affairs on Sunday and after the end of the extraordinary meeting of the JCPOA’s Joint Commission. told reporters. Today`s meeting of Joint Commission of the JCPOA was held to address complaints by both sides. from Iran and the three European countries. on how to implement the JCPOA.

He emphasized that good discussions were held at this meeting and each party presented its logic. noting. We witness some development on implementing the JCPOA in the last month. the IAEA`s report on reducing Iran`s commitments and those in regard to failure of European countries to fulfill their obligations.

The the deputy minister of foreign affairs went on to say. In my opinion. the discussions were constructive. What was in sum up was the commitment of all the remaining countries to fulfill their commitments in the nuclear deal to maintain the JCPOA.

He made the remark about holding a meeting of foreign ministers of the JCPOA. “The members of the JCPOA are determined to hold a meeting of foreign ministers. We need to carry out a series of measures for the final preparations. which some of the debates have been raised today. Maybe there are other expert-level meetings that when the ministers meet each other. they have serious discussions and tangible achievements.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs added. It was also decided to start working groups in various economic spheres. and today. after this meeting. experts in two different economic areas will hold meetings aimed at reaching operational solutions.

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