Iraq. Afghanistan Priorities for Taking Trade Policies

Iraq. regarding its trade volume. is the second partner for Iran but exports to this country are of big volume and it seems that priorities of Iran Trade Promotion Organization for expansion of trade ties are Iraq and Afghanistan. Lahouti said.

Chairman of Iran Export Confederation. which is a department in Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA). called for removal of money transformation barriers with the two countries as well.

Lahouti also named Syria as a potential country for increasing trade ties with. considering its investments capacities.

 As reported. in line with the efforts to boost the economic ties between Iran and Iraq. the two neighboring countries are considering ways to include local currencies in their bilateral trades to reduce reliance on US dollar. The bilateral trades between Iran and Iraq have not been affected by the sanctions in the past year. reports say.

China. Iraq. Turkey. the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan are the main target markets for Iran’s exports.

Caretaker head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPOI) says that the country`s non-oil exports over the past five months since the start of Iranian year of 1398 amounted to $17.8 billion.

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