Iranian Firms Ready to Step in Exploration Projects

The Oil Industries Engineering and Construction (OIEC) and Negin Afagh Kish Energy Development Company (TENCO) have expressed their readiness to step in sophisticated exploration projects in Iran.

According to the National Iranian Oil Company. OIEC and TEKNO signed a contract with the exploration department of NIOC for seismographic projects of Basht and Paniz.

Gholamreza Manouchehri. the CEO of OIEC. said that his company is prepared to join sophisticated exploration schemes with NIOC.

During a ceremony to sign the deal. Manouchehri described contractors as the operational arm of the NIOC. adding that under the current circumstances. more cooperated needed to be cemented between contractors and employers in the country.

He said it is desirable to put the focus on the development of exploration activities given the current conditions of the country. and said what matters is activating the huge oil and gas potentialities of the country where exploration activities could be an initiating step.

The official further added that OIEC had signed contracts with Iranian companies in various fields. including transmission and flow pipelines. power plants. integrated control systems. various types of compressors. and well equipped. to name a few.

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