Microgrids and Methods of Analysis

The increasing penetration of distributed energy resource (DER). distributed generation (DG) and energy storage system (ESS) units in distribution grids leads to the emergence of the concepts of active distribution networks (ADNs). microgrids. and virtual power plants. Nowadays. the use of electronically-coupled distributed energy resources is of great interest that can provide the power of demand side alone or in a small electricity grid. A microgrid is a small-scale power grid in low voltage network that must be able to locally solve energy issues and enhance the flexibility and can operate either in grid-connected or islanded autonomous mode of operation. To study them. researchers need an appropriate set of methods. software tools. analogous to those exist for large interconnected power systems.

The book Microgrids and Methods of Analysis addresses systematic analysis. control protection systems design. and optimal operation of a distribution system under high penetration of DERs analogous to those exist for large interconnected power systems.

Provides professional guidlines for system planners

Explores further research. development. and optimization of existing and new microgrids

Addresses analytical methods used for microgrid analysis using advanced research


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