Tesla Cybertruck Hits US – But What Does the Land of Pickup Trucks Think About It?

The Tesla Cybertruck has hit the US – but what does the land of pickup trucks think about it?

Piplsay conducted a survey of 21.143 people across the truck-adoring nation to see what they think of the futuristic electric vehicle (EV).

The truck boasts a stainless steel. bulletproof body and secured 250.000 pre-bookings within a week of its launch.

The survey found 9% of people believe it will usher in a new era in automobile design and a fifth said it looks like a vehicle of the future.

Around 68% of Americans said they know about the Cybertruck but only 44% have already seen what it looks like.

Nearly half of Americans say they aren’t impressed with Tesla’s Cybertruck – among those who are not impressed with the EV. about 22% said they can’t relate to its looks or everyday utility.

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