IOOC Launches PIMS Project

The Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) has successfully launched its first pipeline integrity management system (PIMS) in the Iranian oil industry.

According to Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)`&gt.IOOC. the system was launched in order to comply with international and national requirements for the standard. safe and continuous operation of the Salman Oilfield’s gas pipelines with a Norwegian company and the Pipeline Technology Company.

The project is dubbed as the first such projects in the Iranian offshore oil industry.

A Pipelines Management System (PMS) provides a clear process. with tasks and responsibilities. a good balance between risk analyses and pipeline integrity. clear data management. responsiveness to emergencies. an effective inspection and maintenance program. and an effective evaluation cycle for continuous improvement (Plan. Do. Check. Act).

The focus within a Pipeline Management System is on risk management. in accordance with the ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPIs) that are applicable to the operation. Succession is realised from risk analysis. such as the methods ‘BowTie’. ‘Hazard and Operability’ (HAZOP) and ‘Failure Mode Effect &amp. Criticality Analysis’ (FMECA).

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