Enhanced Gas Production. Biggest Oil Industry Measure to Save Environment

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh said his ministry’s biggest environmental measure was enhancing natural gas production in the country.

Addressing the National Conference of Industrial Units and Green Services held at the Department of Environment (DOE) on Sunday. he said: In general. any oil activity is polluted. even the cleanest energy (gas) has pollutants.

He pointed to the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum’s most important measures to protect the environment. adding that the biggest step the Ministry of Petroleum had taken to protect the country`s environment was to increase natural gas production.

Power plants` use of liquid fuel has fallen below 12%. Zangeneh said.

In the year 2013. about 43% of the country`s power plants used liquid fuel. which fell to below 12% last year. he said. adding. this is while fuel consumption is increasing year by year.

Zangeneh said that Iran’s gas production from South Pars gas field had increased 2.4 times since 2013. the year Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took office.

Production of gas from South Pars was 280 mcm d in 2013 which has reached 670 mcm d currently.

He further said that gas production from South Pars gas field would reach 1 bcm d by 2021 which would be a new record by itself.

Elsewhere in his address. Zangeneh said that production of Euro petrol was zero back in 2013 which is currently at 76 ml d. Zangeneh added.

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