Pivot Power Unveils 100MW of New Batteries to Speed Up EV Expansion

Pivot Power has unveiled two batteries with a combined capacity of 100MW to speed up electric vehicle (EV) expansion in the UK.

The energy storage infrastructure is expected to be fully operational before the end of this year.

Cowley in Oxford and Kemsley in Kent will host the batteries which will provide flexible capacity and reliability to support increased renewable energy generation and EV charging infrastructure.

The project is the outcome of a collaboration between Pivot Power. EDF Renewables and Wärtsilä.

Adrien Lebrun. Pivot Power’s Engineering Director. said: These Wärtsilä energy storage systems allow us to harness cutting-edge technology to future-proof our investments in a changing energy market. supporting our long-term goal to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and bring us closer to net zero.

Andrew Tang. Vice President. Energy Storage and Optimisation. Wärtsilä Energy Business. said: These exciting projects will support a cost-effective. reliable and low-carbon energy system and promote the rapid adoption of clean transport in the UK.

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