One Million Homes in New York to Be Powered by New Natural Gas Plant

A new 1.1GW combined-cycle plant which is expected to provide power for nearly one million homes in New York, will soon start its operations.

US construction company Bechtel says the natural gas-fired power plant, named Cricket Valley Energy Centre uses advanced technology to ensure it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and operates as one of the most efficient power-generation facilities in the US.

The project uses a process of converting clean-burning natural gas to electricity with three combustion turbines, each paired with a heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine generator.

The construction of the facility began in July 2017 and the combustion turbines, heat recovery steam generators, steam turbines and other ancillary equipment were supplied by General Electric.

Tom Spang, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Power, which is the developer of the Cricket Valley Energy Center, said: Every day, on every project, Bechtel has brought their A-game, partnering with us and continuously striving to build better, faster, and safer as we strive to advance a sustainable energy future.

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