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IEA: Europe could Face Gas Shortage Next Year

Europe must act immediately to prevent a shortage of natural gas next year as Russia slashes deliveries in the wake of the Ukraine war, the International Energy Agency warned Thursday. The IEA said the shortfall would occur if Russia stops pipelines deliveries completely and China steps up its imports of …

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IEA: Europe must Slash Gas Demand Now before Hard Winter

Europe needs to drastically slash natural gas consumption in the next few months to prepare for what is likely to be “a long, hard winter,” the head of the International Energy Agency said. While the European Union has made some progress diversifying away from key supplier Russia, any shipments from …

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The Global Energy Crisis may Get Worse

A global squeeze on energy supply that’s triggered crippling shortages and sent power and fuel prices surging may get worse, according to the head of the International Energy Agency. “The world has never witnessed such a major energy crisis in terms of its depth and its complexity,” IEA Executive Director …

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