Russia: No Worries Over JCPOA Implementation

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said there should be no concerns over the implementation of Iran`s 2015 nuclear deal as it was precisely devised.
During an interview with IRNA published on Saturday. Ryabkov stressed that Iran has honored all its commitments under the landmark deal. Press TV reported. 
JCPOA [the nuclear pact] has so far had positive outcomes and Iran responsibly carries out all its commitments. Russia also abides by the responsibilities it accepted. he said.
While still campaigning. US President Donald Trump threatened to annul the deal. which he has lambasted as the worst accord ever negotiated and one of the dumbest ones he has come across.
While noting that there was no point in threatening Iran as history has proven that such actions are useless. Ryabkov stated that Russia does not agree with Trump`s stance on the deal.
We do not share the US stance and believe that the JCPOA was drawn up with very precise devices and balanced mechanisms. Taking these conditions into account. there is no room for worries over the JCPOA or its implementation. he said.
Ryabkov noted that the new US administration will reach the same conclusion after scrutinizing the accord.
Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—the United States. France. Britain. Russia and China—plus Germany. known as P5+1. started implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on January 16. 2016. Under the agreement. Iran agreed to put temporary curbs on its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related sanctions by the UN. the US and EU. 
Trump`s stance against the deal comes while Washington`s partners in P5+1 have thrown their weight behind the Iran deal. The EU has already said it is in complete agreement with China and Russia over the necessity to keep the JCPOA alive.

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