Russian Scientists Work on Technology for Drill Waste Disposal

 Scientists are working on ecology-friendly technology for drill waste disposal and processing in the Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi autonomous districts and in the Tyumen region.
Our scientists are working on `low-cost technologies for disposal of drilled solids. so that it is possible to drill without building necessary solids’ storage facilities.` he said. The project will be of high demand in future large-scale development of the Arctic.This was reported the Deputy Director General of the Neftegazproekt scientific-research institute Yaroslav Bogaichuk. `The scientists are facing the task to offer disposal technologies. where drilled solids are processed so than they may be used later on as a soil substance. which could be used for restoration of destroyed ground.` the institute’s deputy director general said. `Our scientific studies and new methods are of advanced character. and one of the main tasks for the department of cryogenic resources is to forecast possible risks in the permafrost zone. development of solutions to avoid potential accidents. damage and destruction of fragile balance in the Arctic ecosystem.` The department appeared as a part of the Neftegazproekt institute in 2016. Its specialists are involved in high-technology work. including research of melting. thawing. frozen ground. ice. groundwater. modeling of various interaction between natural and man-made environment. forecast of natural and geotechnical risks. development of recommendations to reduce man-made impacts on the environment.

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