Amazon Unboxes EV Delivery Trucks Ordered from Rivian

Amazon has unveiled its new electric delivery trucks from Rivian. which it says will go into action in 2021.

The retailer and technology giant placed an order of 100.000 vans. which it suggests is the largest ever single order of electric vehicles (EVs) –  it is among the major companies that have joined a new alliance to accelerate the global transition to clean transport.

The fleet upgrade will help the multinational corporation reduce its carbon emissions on its journey to becoming net zero carbon by 2040.

The firm says the EVs will also improve driver safety and enable a better service to be provided – it plans to have 10.000 of the trucks on the road by as early as 2022 and says the deployment of all 100.000 vehicles by 2030 will save millions of metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Amazon has recently agreed to buy around two-thirds of the power that will be generated from a new 120MW solar project being developed in Virginia. US.

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