Money Transfer Problems to Be Resolved by Setting Up Afghan’s Bank Branches in Chabahar

Chairman of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce Seyyed Hossein Salimi said that if Afghan’s banks get license for setting up branch offices in Chabahar Free Zone. a large portion of problems ahead of money transfer into this country will be settled.

Turning to the request of some Afghan banks to set up branch offices in Chabahar Free Zone (CFZ) due to the exemption of this port from US sanctions. he added. after Iran’s Arian Bank was sanctioned. one of Afghan banks requested that if Iran agrees with the bank to set up a branch office in Chabahar Free Zone. a major portion of problems facing money transfer will be settled.

Presently. any transactions made in Chabahar Free Zone. which is related to Afghanistan. is exempted from US sanctions. he emphasized.

Elsewhere in his remarks. Salimi added. currently Iran faces problem with Afghanistan in the field of importing and exporting products and money transfer is done hardly.

If any bank obtains the license for setting up its branch office in the Zone. problems related to the business activity and money transfer between the two countries will be eased. the chairman highlighted.

Turning to the opening of borders between the two countries of Iran and Afghanistan due to the outbreak of coronavirus. he added. according to the senior officials of the two countries. borders are almost closed. It has been decided that to issue license for the transit of trucks via Dogharoon Border.

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