Knowledge-Based Companies to Produce 5mn Masks to Combat COVID-19

Vice-President for Science and Technology and Head of Iran’s National Elites Foundation Sorena Sattar said government has signed deals with domestic knowledge-based companies for production of five million hygienic masks for fight against coronavirus.

The produced masks are to be used in hospitals for medical staff treating coronapatients. Sattari said.

Sattari`s deputy also said on Sunday that some 70.000 nanotechnology face masks are produced in Tehran per day. adding that the amount will be significantly increased in the coming days.

Saeed Sarkar said Sunday that the coordination with the related authorities and manufacturers have been done to increase the face mask production to 200.000 in the current week. and rise it to 300.000 within ten days by bringing new production lines into operation.

Iran has been grappled with the coronavirus outbreak. also known as COVID-19. in the past days.

The death toll from the new virus in Iran rose to 43 by Saturday. with a total of 593 cases diagnosed with the infection.

The Covid-19 has so far infected more than 86.000 people across the world. claiming around 3.000 lives.

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