epaselect epa08348372 Pump jacks operate in the oil fields near Midland, Texas, USA, at sunrise 07 April 2020. Midland, Texas is a city in western Texas, part of the Permian Basin area. Low oil prices are reportedly causing also the gas prices to drop dramatically. EPA-EFE/LARRY W. SMITH

Brent Oil may Retest Support at $85.68

Brent oil may retest a support at $85.68 per barrel, a break below could open the way towards $83.04-$84.67 range.
There is a strong resistance at $89, which still holds firm under four attacks by bulls. A temporary top may have formed around this level.
Due to the slide below a rising trendline, the uptrend from $96.24 seems to have reversed. It remains unclear how much this trend could be reversed.
About 61.8% of the previous wave (a) was reversed by the wave (b). If this ratio works for the current drop, a bearish target of $74.80 could be established, which, unfortunately, looks too far away to be realistic.
An immediate target could be $84.67.
A further gain from the current level will be regarded as an extended pullback towards the trendline. The pullback may end below $88.31.
On the daily chart, the current correction could be of the same degree with the one from the Dec. 9, 2021 high of $76.70.
A rising channel suggests a further drop to $81.57.
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