10 Reasons to Sell ExxonMobil Now

In January 2017, Rex Tillerson left to join the Trump administration as Secretary of State (and was permitted to sell more than $50 million in directly held Exxon stock tax free). His replacement, CEO Darren Woods — now nearly four years into the job — has presided over a 50% …

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Can Biden Fix Climate Change With $1.3 Trillion?

In his Democrat Party nomination acceptance speech last night, Vice President Joe Biden indicated that he could solve the problem of climate change. And he said he could do it all with the money the government would get by changing the tax code. In two sentences and just 75 words …

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Covid-19, the No.1 Threat to Oil Market’s Full Recovery

Global oil demand has rebounded somewhat faster than previously thought, although the spread of the coronavirus in the United States and Latin America is “casting a shadow over the outlook,” the International Energy Agency (IEA) wrote in its latest Oil Market Report. The last few weeks have seen crude oil …

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