China Boosts Installed Capacity of Renewables in First 2 Months of 2023

China’s installed renewable energy capacity significantly increased in the first two months of 2023, according to data from the country’s National Energy Administration showed on Tuesday.
By the end of February, the installed capacity of wind power of China rose 11% year-on-year to nearly 370 million kilowatts.
Meanwhile, the installed capacity of solar power stood at about 410 million kilowatts, marking a robust yearly increase of 30.8%.
China’s total installed power generation capacity was over 2.6 billion kilowatts by the end of February, up 8.5% year-on-year.
In line with its green energy efforts, the country has enhanced its renewable energy investments over the years.
In the first two months, the total investment of China’s major power companies in solar energy nearly tripled from a year ago to 28.3 billion yuan (about $4.12 billion), the data showed.

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