Global Pledge to Triple Nuclear Capacity by 2050 Announced at COP28

Statement from Maria Korsnick, president and CEO of Nuclear Energy Institute, on the global pledge to triple the world’s production of nuclear power by 2050 announced today at COP28:

“Demand for nuclear is surging around the world because it is clean, reliable, and affordable. As I meet with world climate leaders this week in Dubai for COP28, I am heartened to see this momentum clearly reflected in the dialogue taking place.

Today, government leaders from around the world called for a tripling of nuclear capacity by 2050 because it is critical for meeting our global climate goals—an imperative echoed by my fellow industry leaders.

There could not be more at stake—the lives and livelihoods of millions of people around the globe are counting on us to meet rising grid demands, decarbonize economies, and ensure a clean energy transition that minimizes the devastating impacts of climate change.

The pledge made today puts us on a path toward a sustainable and just energy transition, but making it a reality requires bold and timely actions by governments, investors, and industry. Together we can make this happen, and I look forward to continuing the conversations that will keep us committed to this work toward a clean energy future.”

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