Iran Brings Onstream more South Pars Gas

The Iranian Ministry of Petroleum has inaugurated three new gas projects, according to news service Shana.
These are the offshore portion of Phase 27 of the South Pars gas field development in the Persian Gulf; two offshore portions of South Pars Phase 14; and the first phase of the Siraf Pars Export Port.
South Pars currently produces 700 MMcm/d from 37 production platforms, 372 wells, and 3,200 km (1,988 mi) of 32-in. subsea pipelines.
The latest developments at Phase 14 involved construction, installation, and commissioning of four gas production platforms, new pipelines, and drilling of 44 wells.
Pars Siraf Export Port in the Pars 2 Region is designed to store, load, and export LNG and sulfur produced by refineries in the region with an export capacity of 5,000 cu m/hr (176,573 cu ft/hr).

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