Iran Plans to Upgrade Atomic Energy Schools

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami has underscored that his organization is determined to provide students with better equipment to improve the training situation at nuclear energy schools throughout the country.
Eslami made the remarks in a ceremony commemorating the National Day of Fighting Global Arrogance or Student Day, noting that the Islamic country is in dire need of scientific, talented and hardworking humans more than ever.
Nobody will do a thing for us; so, we should try and go ahead in the path of progress in accordance with believing in our homeland and protecting the flag of the country, he underlined, adding that we should not be trapped in fake and unfounded storytelling.
The Day of Student is the day of becoming aware of the realities of the Islamic Revolution, the AEOI chief said, urging the students and pupils to know that the Islamic Revolution belongs to all generations in all times; so, the students should have good know-how of various issues.
He also called on students to bolster their capabilities in modern technologies in order to stand at the top of different arenas.
We are seeking to provide better conditions and equipment in order to enhance educational quality at nuclear energy schools, he said, adding that pupils should be able to make their families and the Iranian nation proud of themselves.

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