Romania to Construct Europe’s Largest Solar Plant

The western Romanian city of Arad is set to rise and shine as the location where Europe’s largest solar plant will be constructed, with the first stage of work to kick off in July. The full project is scheduled to be completed by 2026.
The first panels will be installed in the second quarter of 2023, local authorities said on Friday, as cited by Bucharest’s Ziare news website.

The photovoltaic park will be fitted with power accumulators located in the municipality of Grăniceri.
The first stage of work is expected to kick off in July, according to the head of the Grăniceri municipality. He added that the solar batteries would boast the size of cargo containers.

The investment will be made on the initiative of the Monsson company under three programs carried out by private investors in the region of Arad. Monsson’s representatives said on Friday that the total value of the project amounts to about EUR 1.4 bn.
The construction of the photovoltaic park in Arad is to be completed by 2026. The solar plant is set to offer a total power of 2800 MW.

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