Russian Gas Complies with European Climatic Requirements

Russian natural gas supplied to Europe has the minimal carbon footprint and meets all EU climatic requirements, Deputy CEO of the Russian gas holding Elena Burmistrova said in an interview with the Gazprom’s corporate magazine.
The European Union has recently announced plans to introduce the carbon duty in 2026 at the earliest, applicable to supplies of metal products, cement and fertilizers. Natural gas is not currently covered by such duty.
“If the duty is introduced subsequently in respect of the gas sector, Gazprom’s gas will remain highly competitive in this case also on account of consistent introduction of efficient emission reduction measures by the company,” the top manager said. Pipeline gas export by Gazprom to Europe “is distinguished by the minimal carbon footprint and conforms to European climatic goals to the greatest extent,” she noted.
“Use of the new Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline for gas delivery to Europe will make it possible to reduce the carbon footprint on account of eco-friendliness of this route, as compared to the traditional route created many decades ago,” Burmistrova added.

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