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China Shows Stunning Potential for Gas Demand Growth

Gas consumption in China is growing faster than in any other country of the Asia-Pacific region, Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said on Friday. He was speaking at the 24th annual general meeting of the International Business Congress, which took place on September 14-17 in a mixed format. “The Chinese market …

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Russia’s Gazprom Eyes Global Helium Market

After the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) in the east of Russia, which is 66% complete, reaches its full capacity, Gazprom will a major player in the international helium market, Russian gas monopoly Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller said on September 23. At the GPP, the multi-component gas extracted from the …

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Gazprom Considers Second Gas Pipeline to China

Russia’s Gazprom said Monday it was launching feasibility studies on constructing a second gas pipeline to China that would more than double the volumes it could deliver to the energy-hungry nation. “The objective is to connect the gas transportation infrastructure in the west and the east of Russia,” Gazprom chief …

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