US Sanctions do not Affect Russian Oil Supplies to Belarusian Refineries

The Russian oil is being supplied to Belarusian refineries as normal, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said in an interview aired by the Belarus-1 TV channel on Sunday, adding that the US’ sanctions do not affect the supplies.
“In accordance with the decision that has been taken, the sanctions cover the US individuals and legal entities, as well as companies, in which the controlling stake is held by US individuals or legal entities,” he said when commenting on the restrictions imposed by Washington. “However, we buy oil not from the United States, but from our partner, the Russian Federation. All contracts are signed, and oil is being supplied in accordance with the terms of those contracts,” PM added.
Earlier reports said that the US restored sanctions against nine Belarusian state enterprises over the alleged violation of human rights in the republic. US citizens and companies must cease their cooperation with those enterprises within 45 days, and, by June 3, 2021, all operations with them, as well as other companies where those nine have a share of 50% or more, must be cut completely.

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