Iran Enjoys High Capacity to Export Electricity to Iraq

Managing Director of Gharb (West) Regional Electricity Company Ali Asadi said on Monday that Islamic Republic of Iran has high capacity and potential to export electricity up to twofold of the current capacity to neighboring Iraq.

He pointed to the new strategy of Iran Power Generation. Transmission &amp. Distribution Management Company (TAVANIR) for increasing electricity export to neighboring Iraq and reiterated. “the country enjoys high potential to export 1.200 megawatts electricity to neighboring Iraq.“

He put the country’ current electricity export capacity to Iraq at 60 megawatts.

Presently. a considerable portion of energy is exported to neighboring countries through Gharb (West) Regional Electricity Company’s grid. he said. adding. “the company is regarded as one of energy export corridors to neighboring Iraq.“

Managing Director of Gharb (West Regional Electricity Company Ali Asadi once again reiterated. “by increasing power generation capacity and developing ultra-distribution and transmission network in the region. the country enjoys high capability and potential to increase its export capacity from 600 megawatts to 1.200 megawatts electricity.“

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