Iranian Power Producers Eyeing Further Exports of Energy

The volume of electricity export to neighboring countries is much lower than the capacity of production in the country. Deputy Director of Iran’s Electricity Industry Syndicate Payam Baqeri said. adding that less than 1.8 percent of output is currently being exported.

Data and statistics show that Iran has not a significant export of electricity to other countries in the current conditions. said Baqeri on Thursday. adding that less than 1.8 percent of Iran’s output capacity. which is currently more than 80.000 megawatts (MW). is dedicated to the exports.

 He underlined that the figure is not consistent with the realities of the power industry in Iran.

 The union member said Iran’s total exports of electricity is currently 1.400 MW. or 12.2 terawatt hours (TWh). of which 78 to 85 percent is delivered to Iraq and the rest goes to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He said there was a huge market for Iran’s electricity in neighboring countries where people still grapple with long hours of power outage every day.

The neighboring countries urgently need Iran’s electricity and one should use this opportunity in the best way possible. Bagheri told the IRIB News.

Iran currently produces more than 300 TWh of electricity. mostly through its massive gas-fired thermal power plants.

Early in this month. Managing Director of Iran`s state-run Organization for Management of Electric Power Generation and Transmission (Tavanir) Mohammad Hassan Motevalizadeh announced that his country has exported 80% more electricity to foreign states. specially the neighboring states. in the current year. a senior official announced on Sunday.

This year. the exports of electricity increased 80% compared with the past year (ended on March 20). Motevalizadeh said.

He added that the neighboring states need Iran`s electricity. noting that the country can turn into an energy hub in the region.

Motevalizadeh also said that Iran has attained full self-sufficiency in production of equipment used in the power industry and produces nearly all equipment needed for power plants.

Iran is currently supplying Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan with electricity.

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said in August that his country had exported 2.3 billion kilowatts of electricity to the neighboring countries since the start of the local calendar year on March 21.

Ardakanian said that the exports were made in the wake of proper management of electricity consumption this year. as the country suffered no power outages this summer.

Elsewhere in his remarks. he added that Energy Ministry will inaugurate 227 projects worth 330.000 billion rials including 10 big dams in 9 provinces during the Government Week.

We have increased power generation as much as 1.800 megawatts each year since the victory of the Islamic Revolution 1997. he said.

Ardakanian further noted that over the past six years. valuable potable water projects have been commissioned in rural areas. as 10.200 villages joined water supply system.

Back in early February. Ardakanian said that the power generation of the country has increased by 11.4 times since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Ardakanian said that Iran has moved up 24 ranks in terms of generation of electricity in the past forty years.

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