Nuclear Deal File Sent to Security Council. Iran will Take Severer Measures

Iranian President`s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi warned that in case EU takes Iran’s nuclear deal file to UN Security Council. the Islamic Republic will take tougher measures including NPT withdrawal.

Making the marks on the sidelines of Cabinet meeting. he added President Rouhani has sent a letter to senior officials of 4+1 announcing Iran’s tendency for remaining in JCPOA and fulfilling the required commitments but only in case the other parties do their obligations. as well.

The Senior official. elsewhere. addressed Persian Gulf issues saying Increase in war equipment in Persian Gulf region will not bring peace to it but will sow insecurity.

We have repeatedly asked Europeans. in our negotiations with them. to leave the region if they seek peace. to let regional countries decide for and by themselves in peace. he added.

Referring to activation of trigger mechanism by E3. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said earlier that Iran will leave the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if EU takes Iran`s nuclear to UN Security Council.

The European’s statement is in no way legal. If the Europeans take another step. Iran will consider leaving the NPT according to a letter by the Iranian president in May 2019. Zarif said.

Tehran has taken the fifth and the last step to reduce commitments to the nuclear pact. and it is not going to take another step to reduce its commitments. he noted. adding that Iran would also resume its suspended JCPOA commitments if Europeans return to their commitments to the nuclear pact.

But If the Europeans continue to play more political games. we will have many options. he stressed.

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