Gazprom’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions down by 14% in 2020

Gazprom has been working consistently for many years to reduce its environmental impacts and increase energy efficiency.
In 2020, Gazprom implemented the planned environmental protection measures and achieved its corporate environmental targets.

In 2020, the company reduced the emissions by 16 million tons of CO2 equivalent (14 %) against the previous year, employing advanced gas conservation technologies in repair operations.
This was achieved by using mobile compressor stations, optimizing energy resource utilization, and performing renovations and upgrades at compressor stations.

Reduction of methane emissions across the entire production chain has been a key focus of Gazprom’s attention.
The company carries out regular in-line inspections of gas pipelines, examines their technical condition, and monitors methane emissions by means of helicopters and drones with laser scanners.

In 2020, Gazprom saved:
• 3.92 million tons of fuel equivalent on fuel and energy
• including 3.27 billion m3 of natural gas
• 305.86 million kWh of electricity
• 251,920 Gcal of heat
• thereby surpassing the planned target by 8%
The overall value of the saved fuel and energy resources totaled RUB 13.77 billion (circa $180 million).

Gazprom has an Environmental Inspectorate operating at the corporate level.
As the only existing corporate inspectorate in the Russian oil & gas sector, it monitors compliance with environmental legislation and corporate rules and regulations in the field of environmental protection by subsidiaries and contractors.

In March 2018, along with other major foreign energy companies, Gazprom signed the Guiding Principles on Reducing Methane Emissions across the Natural Gas Value Chain.

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