Greece’s Green Electricity Production at Record Levels

“Green” electricity production increased to record levels on Sunday, September 10, when renewable energy sources (RES) covered up to 140% of demand, with the surplus channeled to exports, while the participation of lignite was reduced to zero.
According to the data published on Saturday by the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE), on September 10, the increased production of energy from wind and solar sent the participation of RES in the electrical system soaring.
For 10 consecutive hours the production of electricity from RES was at record rates, covering the total demand by up to 140%; throughout the day, the participation of lignite in the energy mix remained zero, keeping CO2 emissions from power generation at very low levels, and the country exported significant amounts of its energy surplus through cross-border interconnections.
“In the midst of energy transition and climate crisis, ADMIE continues to develop and strengthen the Transmission System, with modern and durable infrastructure for even more green records and greater energy security throughout Greece,” it said in a statement.

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