Iran’s Gas Refining Capacity up 28-Fold in 24 Years

Iran’s daily gas refining capacity stood at 36 million cubic meters before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which experienced a 28-fold increase within 42 years.
As the Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh mentioned, the gas industry developed after the victory of the Islamic Revolution; so, the daily gas refining capacity has reached more than one thousand million cubic meters.
The turning point of the gas industry in Iran happened when the country kicked off the development of the South Pars gas field in the early 1380s. Gas production from the field helped the Islamic Republic distribute gas for home appliances to rural and urban areas as well as industries and power plants.
Iran stands the third rank in the world in terms of gas production. The government of President Hassan Rouhani has played a significant role in this regard because gas production from the South Pars field increased 2.5 folds and the country experienced a new record of producing 690 million cubic meters from the field only in one day last week.
Iran’s capacity of daily gas transmission has increased to 900 million cubic meters in order to stop gas entrapment at refineries. Some 65 percent of fuel consumption in Iran belongs to gas; thus, the daily gas consumption in the country is equivalent to consuming five million barrels of crude oil per day.
The ratio of gas consumption by rural families has reached 82 percent, which shows all-out efforts by the government in order to attach importance to gas transmission to rural areas.
Gas transmission around the country has also helped the development of infrastructure and the creation of supplementary industries in villages, creating the increase of direct and indirect jobs.
Gas production in the South Pars gas field has another effect, which is its impact on the environment. The usage of gas for heating homes and cooking helped people set aside using firewood; so, gas as clean energy is an integral point in creating a better environment.

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