Iraq Initiates Gas Investment Operations in Akkas Gas Field

Iraqi Oil Minister, Hayan Abdul Ghani, announced today that gas investment operations have commenced in the Akkas gas field, located in al-Anbar governorate, with a production rate of 60 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD).
The Ministry spokesperson emphasized the significance of this development as an invitation to foreign companies to invest in the exploration fields and patches that the Ministry plans to announce this year.
According to a statement released by the Ministry of Oil, the Minister stated, “The national effort, represented by the Central Oil Company and the supporting authorities, managed to invest free gas from four wells in the Akkas gas field and pump these quantities to operate the Akkas gas power station, generating 90-95 megawatts.”
Minister Abdul Ghani also highlighted the efforts of the Petroleum Projects Company in executing a 30-kilometer pipeline to transport gas to the Akkas gas power station, emphasizing the importance of this achievement, accomplished through national efforts and available resources, in alignment with the Ministry’s plans and the government’s program.
The Ministry’s Deputy for Gas Affairs, Basem Mohammed Khudair, confirmed that the technical and engineering teams of the Central Oil Company have developed the necessary designs for gas investment facilities from four free gas wells. This follows the success of the national effort in the Ministry of Oil to invest more than 60 MMSCFD, with the potential for future increases.
The statement also quoted the Director-General of the Central Oil Company, Qadouri Salim, who said that the company began pumping gas operations on Tuesday to the Akkas gas power station, initiating the generation of 90-95 megawatts. Salim praised the tireless efforts of the workers who contributed to this achievement.
The Ministry spokesperson, Asim Jihad, noted that this accomplishment serves as an important, positive message for global companies interested in investing in the Akkas gas field and the exploration areas in the western region that the Ministry intends to announce during the current year.
This development further underscores the government’s and Ministry’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for investing in oil and exploration fields, as per the statement.

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