Iraqi Oil Minister: No Big Loss in Investing Our Joint Fields with Neighboring Countries

The Iraqi Oil Minister, Ihssan Abdul-Jabbar said on Saturday that the country does not have significant losses in investing its joint fields with neighboring countries.
Abdul-Jabbar said exclusively to Shafaq News Agency that “there is a committee for joint fields with Kuwait and Iran regarding joint oil fields with them,” indicating that “Iraq has a consultant with Kuwait, but not with Iran.”
He added, “The most important joint field with Iran is the Majnoon oil field; Iraq aims to reach 600,000 barrels of production from this field, which is one of the largest joint fields.
He stressed that “Iran also has a delay in investments in joint fields as a result of the economic crisis” expecting that “Iraq does not have a great loss in investing in these fields.”
It’s noteworthy that; there are 24 joint oil fields in Iraq with Iran, Kuwait and Syria, 15 of which are productive.

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