Iraq’s Oil Exports to the US Exceed 5 mn Barrels in a Month

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced on Sunday that Iraq’s oil exports to the United States exceeded five million barrels during last November.
According to a table provided by EIA, “Iraq exported 5.13 million barrels of crude oil to the US in November, averaging 171,000 bpd. This is lower than October, where Iraqi oil exports to the US reached 7.322 million barrels, averaging 236,000 bpd.”
The report further details that “Iraq exported crude oil to the US with an average of 187,000 bpd in the first week of November, and an average of 283,000 bpd in the second week. In the third week, it significantly decreased to an average of 36,000 bpd. Meanwhile, exports in the fourth week averaged 178,000 bpd.”
EIA highlighted that “Iraq ranked sixth in its oil exports to the US last month, following Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and Brazil. It stood second in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, which exported six million barrels to the US.”
Furthermore, Canada held the top spot as the largest oil-exporting country to the US, followed by Mexico.

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