Russia-Europe Gas Flows Eastbound for Third Day Running

The energy supply crisis has been aggravated by one of three major Russia-Europe supply pipelines changing the direction of its gas flow.
Flows in the Yamal-Europe pipeline between Russia and Germany are moving eastbound for the third day running, according to Gascade’s data.
This is the second time gas supplies into Europe through this pipeline have been halted in the past two weeks.
Flows were halted before entering Germany on October 30, at the Mallnow metering point which lies on the Polish border.
Supplies were stopped again Saturday and are now flowing back towards Poland, a bullish factor in tight European gas markets at the start of winter.
The latest switch comes amid accusations the Kremlin is restraining supplies to pressure Germany and the European Union to approve its Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
The already completed project is currently undergoing licensing procedures in Germany.
Putin has denied this and promised additions to the west from November 8 once its own stocks have been replenished.
The Yamal-Europe transnational gas pipeline stretches over the territory of Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany.
The capacity of the pipeline is 32.9bn cubic meters of gas per year.

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