Russian Natural Gas Supply to Greece Remains Normal

The supply of Russian natural gas to Greece remains normal, Greek government spokesman Ioannis Oikonomou told a briefing on Monday, adding that the suspension of deliveries via the Nord Stream gas pipeline due to scheduled maintenance had no effect whatsoever.
Asked whether natural gas supply to Greece is sufficient in wake of the suspension of supplies through the Nord Stream pipeline, he said that “no direct danger [for the country] is seen now.” “Thanks to the development of all possible scenarios, the competent authorities are optimistic that the country will face no dangers as far as the supply chain of natural gas to the country is concerned,” the official noted.
“There was a cessation of supplies due to technical maintenance service for the gas pipeline [Nord Stream]. Russian natural gas supply to the country is normal,” he added.
Gas deliveries via the Nord Stream pipeline were halted on July 11 for ten days because of scheduled annual maintenance. Since mid-June about 40% of the pipeline’s maximum capacity has been used because Siemens failed to return gas compressor units on time after repairs from Montreal due to Canadian sanctions against Russia. Though Canada decided to return the repaired turbine to Siemens on July 9 after numerous requests by Germany, the delivery deadline is still not known.

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