Tehran will not Sign any Deal until IAEA Files Resolved

Iran will not sign a nuclear deal until all files at the International Atomic Energy Agency are resolved, the advisor to the Iranian negotiating delegation in the nuclear talks said.
Seyyed Mohammad Marandi told Al Mayadeen that “Western governments were lying from the very beginning” about Iran’s nuclear activity, stressing that today this has been proven.
“The number of files in the International Atomic Energy Agency [regarding the Iranian nuclear project] has decreased” now that “the last two files have been closed,” Marandi added.
“The [nuclear agreement] text is basically ready and is awaiting both parties’ signature,” he revealed, adding that “the time is ripe for the deal.”
Marandi said that the current Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency is not independent.
The Iranian official further stressed that “if the United States closes the case at the International Atomic Energy Agency and accepts the text that both Iran and Josep Borrell saw as reasonable, then Iran will be willing to sign the deal.”
“If the Americans have the will, it could be signed quickly. But again, Iran is not going to sit and wait, the world is changing, and Iran is using those opportunities to the utmost.”
Marandi added, “[The nuclear agreement] would be constructed in a way [when it comes to] the revival of the nuclear deal [there] would be very little or no room for the Western countries to cheat.”
“The Iranians are not going to wait for the United States, they are going to build relations with Asian countries, with Russia, China, India… Time is not on the side of the US or the Europeans,” he went on to say, noting that Washington’s policy in West Asia is to maintain a state of division which is in “Israel’s interest”.
Marandi believed that “the US is looking for a distraction and Iran is always that distraction,” considering that “the world is evolving as the United States declines… which is weakening the US sanctions against Iran.”

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