Hungary Lets Serbia Store Gas to Ensure Steady Winter Supply

Serbia can use Hungary’s facilities to store 500 million cubic metres of gas to secure a steady supply during winter according to an agreement reached between both states in Budapest Wednesday.
“We’ll start filling the storage by the end of June. Serbia will be able to withdraw three million cubic metres of gas in October every day, the daily quota rising to six million in November, December, January and February, and going down again to three in March,” Finance Minister Siniša Mali explained after meeting with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in Budapest.
Serbian citizens should not worry about gas supply next winter, said Mali, confirming that “gas will flow normally from Serbia to Hungary and back, and we’ll do everything to keep it that way.”
The finance minister also said that Hungary accepted that Serbia could also buy from other states. “They were reasonable enough to let us use both options, and we’ll choose between the two in the coming days,” Mali said.
Serbia could also use part of Hungary’s storage capacity of more than six billion cubic metres in gas to cover it for the winter, said Hungary’s foreign minister.
Meanwhile, the two states also agreed to connect their power grids to “give both states an opportunity to secure and exchange larger amounts of electricity” in the long term, said Szijjarto. The project should take between six and eight years, he added.

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