China Ranks the First as the Top Buyer of Iraqi Oil, SOMO

The Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO” announced that the Chinese oil companies are the top buyers of Iraqi oil during April 2022.
According to SOMO statistics, 34 international companies bought Iraqi oil the last April.
China ranks first with eight companies, followed by India (seven companies), while the USA ranks third with fourth companies, then South Korea with three companies.
The Greek and Turkish companies also purchased the Iraqi companies.
A company from Spain, the British Netherlands, Kuwait, France, Jordan, and the UAE purchased Iraq’s oil.
The most prominent international companies that purchased the Iraqi oil are India’s Hindustan, China’s Petrochina, and US’s Exxon Mobil.
The oil quantities are exported through Basra Oil Terminal, Khor al-Zubair Oil Terminal, and SPM from Arabian Gulf and Ceyhan terminal in Turkey from the Mediterranean Sea.

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