Iranian Scientists Break US Monopoly in Production of Electron Accelerators

Iranian scientists succeeded in breaking the US monopoly in producing electron accelerators, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami said.
“A while ago I wrote about the important role of electron accelerators in this Instagram page and pointed to inspiring research and activities of nuclear scientists in this field,” Eslami wrote in an Instagram post.
“I am very happy that the US monopoly on production of electron accelerators was broken by the Iranian scientists and the brave Iranian youth once again brought another honor for the dear Iran,” he added.
The US was previously the only country that could produce the electron accelerators.
Eslami pointed out that the electron accelerators have been fully indigenized by Iranian experts and are on the way to the industrial stage.
Electron accelerators are multipurpose machines that deliver beams with energies spanning five orders of magnitude, and are used in applications that range from fundamental studies of particle interactions to cross-linking polymer chains in industrial plants.
Each accelerator type presents specific characteristics that make it more suitable for certain applications.

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